Oct 10


One of my greatest techno-hero’s has passed on to the great iCloud in the sky.  He was a great many things to many people.  Some scorned him whilst wishing they where more like him, others emulated him the point of becoming success stories themselves.

I was fascinated by his ability to think up whiz bang things that blew away the competition, trouncing them so thoroughly out of the gate, that any attempts to copy what he had innovated, would be considered laughable to objective observers.  And so it is…  (Remember the ZUNE, that was, zune outta hea’)

There are many voices out there chanting his praises so I need not deliberate any further.  This site speaks to what I think of Steve and his wonderful contributions to man and woman kind;-) Nuff said!


Feb 26

Since the dawn of the desktop computing age two platforms have emerged from the fires of marketing wars and techno-rhetoric rivalry.  The hodgepodge PC running the infamous dreaded Windows Desktop over Microsoft’s NT OS and the famous most beloved Macintosh running the  elegant and user friendly OSX desktop over UNIX, Berkeley Unix (BSD) to be exact.  (That’s right the Macintosh is a UNIX box ya’ll)

The MS PC was declared a dinosaur back in the early 90′s by PC Magazine and nothing has changed in the intervening years.  Microsoft has made every attempt to delude the general public into believing they where constantly improving their products when in fact all they where doing was adding “window” dressing and bells & whistles to an already beleaguered system which has always come up lacking in true ease of use and long term performance.  Let’s not forget to mention the most offensive crime, the terrible security, due to back door virus and spyware susceptibility!

The MS PC has been and is, a money pit of lost time and resources so heinous, that if these deleterious functions where in any other consumer product, especially automobiles, Microsoft, and the PC manufacturers that have colluded in this travesty, would have been and should have been, sued out of business long ago! (Do a search on “PC computer liability” and “PC software liability“, get ready for a real eye opener!)

After many years of back and forth on what platform is better for this function or that function, the general misguided consensus settled on the MS PC as the “business” machine and the Macintosh as the “creative” platform.  When all this time, nothing could be further from the truth!   Now  due to the popularity and reliability of Apples other products the computing world is being turned upside down  All previous ideas about the mission of these two diametrically opposed platforms is changing and changing for the better in the business and retail environment.

As Mac Acolytes we hope to change the world of business computing at every level from the retail Point-of-Sale, to the front and back office!  The  Macintosh can perform all business functions and perform them flawlessly long term without the need for an IT army to support it’s mission.    When coupled with the advantages of the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad, the possibilities of the Macintosh Office/Retail system are limitless and exciting!

Let us show you how you can elevate yourself, be at peace with technology, and increase your productivity while increasing profits, just by changing your business electronics and computing paradigm.

Contact us today;-)

Aug 21

The answer to this question is best relayed by the equipment itself.  A visit to an Apple store or a retailer like Best Buy can give you the real touch and feel of the Mac experience.

Many would say that it’s the overall Mac package consisting of the elegant OSX desktop and the bundled applications that make everyday computing tasks a breeze.

A visit to Apples website on this subject is very informative and inspiring.

Apr 20

I have for sometime been an advocate of Apple producing a new device similar to the Newton, which was a ahead of it’s time and should have been the forerunner of tablet computing.  The uses for such a device are only limited by ones imagination and the technology inside the device.  In the case of the iPad the only limitations seem to be one’s imagination.  While technology inside the iPad has it’s limitations the things that are possible with this device are amazing when compared with the equally amazing iPhone and it’s cousin the iTouch.

A more powerful processor with vastly improved battery life due to the smart employment of power saving components and devices will herald in a new paradigm for portable computing that fast approaches everything I dreamed of as a kid reading science fiction and Sci-Fi comics.  Apple in it’s infinite wisdom has finally reached a pinnacle of design with this platform that will surely drive another nail in the coffin of the much hated and despicable PC platform.  (A platform that should been relegated the technology trash heap 20 years ago)  We will see a new resurgence in desire for the Macintosh and other Apple devices with the advent of the iPad as it did for the iPhone.

One of my greatest experiences was seeing all these poor PC users coming into the Apple store to buy the iPhone and then having to go back to their homes and offices to sit in front of a piece of crap compared the machines they saw and experienced the Apple store!  It was grand seeing the looks on their faces as they stared in wonder at the iMac and the big bad ass 30″ thin flat screen monitors hooked up a to a powerhouse Mac tower that whizzes through massive 3D renderings like a hot knife through butter and produces professional music and video tracks that make it seem like Hollywood in a box:-)

Yes the world is changing for the better as more Apple and Macintosh products edge out the junk from the rip-off PC/Microsucks world!

Aug 03

It is too bad that Vista is such an over rated bloated DOS launcher that MS has to launch damage control. In the process they further propagandize the idea that there is nothing wrong with Vista and the public has gotten a false perception from all the bad press which comes mostly form REAL users rather than some fake users they posit in their lame counter commercials.

But the real reason people are turning away from Microsucks is that present PC owners are tired of losing time and money running an unreliable loser platform. My personal experience with Vista has been unimpressive and ho hum. All that so called wow factor baloney quickly loses it’s luster when things start going wrong.

I do not have to have elaborate on why Vista and Microsoft in general is hated by many PC owners who really depend on their computer for a living. It is also no wonder that Apple cannot make their equipment fast enough to suit demand. The OSX platform is quickly becoming the standard for ease of use and the practical applications of everyday life. The reliability of the Mac OSX platform is already legendary, so it’s only a matter of time before rest of the PC world wakes up and realizes that the present and past MS-DOS launchers have always been an organized rip-off.

Jul 26

Steve Jobs’ grave site

Jul 25

Apples new iPhone seems to be all the rage but I have a problem with them calling it 3G (third generation). 3G is supposed to be able to provide true video phone capabilities like the Japanese have been using since 2001. Where is the video phone Apple?

I personally will not buy another mobile platform until it has either iChat or true video phone capability. Why should I get something that is not going give me to full promise of 3G technology? Apple while the most innovative technology company since it’s inception has sometimes been a little too ahead of the curve.

Apple, I am waiting;-(

Jul 23

Word has it that Apple is set to release a new super secret product that is set to blow the competition away. I just hope that it is something that will blow Microsoft away and then the computing world will be a better place for all man and woman kind;-)
Check out this article to get a clue;-) http://www.macdailynews.com/index.php/weblog/comments/rumor_apples_secret_product_is_macbook_touch/

Jul 21

Okay, so there I was on a flight from Oakland to Seattle to visit with my business partners, one who is an MBA and the other who is a CPA. While I was sitting on the plane, I suddenly got the urge to do some research on an upcoming lawsuit that was filed against me, and which I decided (perhaps foolishly) to represent myself.

Now the people suing me were two lawyers. I had the opportunity to visit with these two guys just before they decided to haul off and sue me for goodness knows what. And while I was in their office I noticed that they were PC users. Hmm, piece of cake, I thought to myself. I can knock these guys off easy.

Sure enough not long after our meeting the court papers arrived at my mailbox. I was being sued. At first I freaked out, and I wondered how I was going to put together a case by myself. I tossed and turned at night in the bed thinking and wondering how to go about collecting all the information to present in court, because after all documentation is the key to succeeding in any court case. Without it you’re doomed.

Fast forward to the flight to Seattle, home of the monolith called Microsoft. I felt like I was traveling backwards in time to a place long forgotten in the fog of the PC operating system and its devotees, who I could imagine huddling together in coffee shops under a dark, rainy Seattle sky. I was literally going from the Mac world to the PC world. I had to reach for my lifeline, which was my Powerbook that I had tucked away in my carry-on bag.

I cracked that puppy open, fired it up, and pondered the meaning of the universe as all Mac aficionados do when they first get started. It’s a holy moment, when you can imagine a world without limits. Case in point, just by hitting the F11 key, all the windows vanish so that you can work on the desktop. To do this with a PC, you have to buy Vista, which eats up all your RAM and slows your machine down to a crawl. Not so with a Mac.

I felt a moment of spry, youthful mischievousness as though I were getting away with something while being above it all. At 39,000 feet I was sitting in seat 1A as everyone behind watched in awe as the screen lit up. I tapped the mouse pad on Spotlight, and entered the key word search for the individual who was suing me. Up came hundreds of emails, documents, and spreadsheets related to this individual, including pdf’s and all were listed chronologically. I simply opened the ones which I felt were relevant to my case and saved them in text format on my desktop. The entire process lasted from the time it took us to fly from Mount Shasta to Mount Rainier -, about 30 minutes.

I waltzed into court with the documents bound in a very professional slick blue binder, and I was able to recount for the judge how the individuals who were suing me were complicit in their claims against me. I got off light by paying only a fraction of some of their monetary claims, while the ones related to my professional judgment were completely dismissed. Little did the judge realize, however, that it wasn’t only my expertise that I relied upon, because I could not have achieved these results without my Mac.

The author is a certified public accountant living in Marin County, California. You may reach him with your comments by visiting www.webtaxcpa.com.

Jul 21

Many folks have been deluded into thinking the Microsoft PC platform is the only one that will allow them to work and operate in the business world. That is and always has been far from the truth. The Mac has always been ready to take on any business task easily and in the process maximize the business owners productivity.

The Microsoft PC platform has not lived up to many business owners expectations. It has in fact caused many business owners lost time and productivity and therefore lost profits. The amount of money businesses across the world spent just keeping the lame PC platform up and running in the last 20 years is staggering and could have fed starving Africans for life.

The world is finally taking a look at the real cost of implementing and operating the Microsoft PC platform and the results are in, the PC sucks overall. A recent survey of 700 top IT professionals found that over 80% of them now have the Macintosh in their inventory and the platform is gaining in numbers daily. The business world is tired of losing countless hours of productivity and therefore dollars to a lame computer platform that promises heaven but only serves up hell!